Why this site exits

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How did it start?

This project started early 2020 (yeah it's been a year already - what the fuck haha), mostly I've worked on it in my spare time. I made this site because I found it difficult to find interesting people to talk to online. I once had the most awesome friend, that enriched my life greatly, and I really think good friends make everything better on our short adventure we call life. It's a great honour to be making the site for all of you, and honestly, making real friendships is something that makes me really proud! I just want to make the world a better place, I truely do but I leave it upto yourself to judge that. Working on this site helped me get through some tough times myself, almost feels like the first project I've worked on in my life that I truely believe in and seems to be useful for others.

I promise never to monetize (unless it's to your benefit), I'll never do generic advertising on here (but I might just tell you about my favorite brand of peanut butter). The goal is definitely not to make money with this. And thanks to technological innovation (or the efficient code) the running costs are just like $10/month :D. This site is for all of you, all of us. The internet can be an awesome place if we make it. One small bit at a time!

Do you want to help?

I've gotten some interest from other people looking to help out with the site, which I really appreciate, however at the moment I'm just held up with my own things so it's not the ideal time to be onboarding others or discussing ideas etc. However if you do think you can contribute something with minimal input needed from myself then do get in contact. :)

I'm not in a position to compensate people financially for this (at least not yet haha). I've had a few people try and help on the tech/design but it's not really gotten much traction. And my own time is limited so I can't really justify spending too much time explaining things / brainstorming unless I know you have a track record of working on such projects before. So I'll list exact things below which you can help with:

  • (Javascript/CSS) Improve the mobile design of the site
  • Marketing - Help me find more users for the site
  • Copywriting - xD have you seen some of my writing / typos?

Interested? :) then just send a support request

Bruh but when open source?

Hopefully soon! It's definitely in the plan I just need to finalize/clean up some stuff. :)