Site updates

Just by the way, maybe one day the whole site goes down and I only realize the next day. Or perhaps something goes wrong while I'm sleeping (I'm based in UTC-0 time). But it will always return :).

Planned features

  • Sort matches by registration time
  • Requests that can attach a small message / note :).
  • Ability to hide/archive users.
  • Ability to set email notification frequency (how often do you want to get notified).


26 June 2022

  • Password functionality
  • A basic logo
  • Improved form errors
  • Helpful prompts to guide users to improve match count

8 May 2021

  • Emojies in interests
  • UI fixes
  • Very basic chat functionality
  • Persist session cookie / logout functionality

26 February 2021

  • New advanced search for interests / country.
  • 99% sure I've tracked down the bug that is responsible for the duplicate profiles. Basically, if you do a 'set-cookie' with a HTTP redirect 30x it'll set the 'cookie path' for SOME browsers to the path redirected. AAAAAA.

25 December 2020

  • Complete redesign of the initial questions to make it more user friendly, as often times they got filled out incorrectly. Also added statistics to each answer. This was a considrable amount of work so took a bit of time!

17 December 2020

  • Slight performance improvement (hopefully)

27 November 2020

  • Display email subscription status of users.

18 November 2020

  • Yeah it's been a while. There were some updates previously but I forgot to write em.
  • New level 2 questions - and they're all optional - only fill the ones you want.
  • Gender / sexuality field updates
  • A 'maybe' option for voice calling / sharing pictures.
  • Patron users now get a special colour badge thingy.
  • Fixed a bug showing active users as only half the number.

30 October 2020

  • Pagination
  • Updated the interests input with the latest additions (if anybody spots something innappropriate here please let me know)
  • Login now strips trailing spaces and linebreaks

27 October 2020

  • Fixed the sort by levels completed option
  • Added extra logging info for tracking down the duplicating user bug

20 October 2020

  • UI improvements

19 October 2020

  • A hopefully super useful new sort option (sort by interaction time).
  • Improved the default selection because a few users got caught up with unreasonable defaults that gave them very low match count.

18 October 2020

  • It's been so much fun making this. I will kinda need to take a break from all this though, it's been an intense past two weeks. So maybe new not too many new features soon. But ohhhh dark mode! *continues to type furiously*.
  • Dark mode :)

17 October 2020

  • Requests limit of 15 per 24 hours. Prevents request spam.
  • Match option to not match with potentially 'low effort post' users.
  • Fixed - 'transexual' to 'transgender' for sexuality - sorry I had no idea.
  • Fixed (hopefully) - Sometimes the email job crashes and the email about requests don't get sent out

14 October 2020

  • Fixed a bug with deletion functionality
  • Added informative messages when certain situations occur
  • Removed the personality question - probably not very usefull.

12 October 2020

  • New sort option for levels completed

11 October 2020

  • Some performance improvements.

10 October 2020

  • Fixed something relating to the secret.
  • Some minor performance improvements
  • Scroll buttons + requests no longer reload the entire page

09 October 2020

  • Ability to hide stats info.
  • Requests can now be handled without needing to open a new page! :) This hopefully also improves the general performance of the site.
  • New scroll buttons.
  • Ability to hide profile if you're overwhelmed with matches. Can be acccesed from 'My profile'.

08 October 2020

  • This is crazy. 1500 users :D !??! We have NEW problems now though - the site gets a bit slow when many people use it at the same time. And also some people get 100+ matches which is a pain to scroll through. I'm really sorry about this. As a simple fix I've added 'result numbers' so it's a bit easier to scroll back to your previous place.

07 October 2020

  • My apologies goes out to everyone that received a huge bunch of email notifications. This wasn't a problem untill we started getting a huge number of user registrations. These emails updates are sent max once an hour now.
  • You can now add a reason when reporting a user.

05 October 2020

  • Sorting fixed
  • New sort option to sort by common interests

03 October 2020

  • You can now report user

01 October 2020

  • Fixed display of fields as no paragraph breaks were appearing.
  • ACTUALLY fix the emails because I didn't actually fix them (sigh).

27 September 2020

  • We hit 700 users! Though this means the site has become slow as fuck. So we're 'hibernating' users who haven't logged in to the site for the past 45 days. Their profile is hidden and excluded from being shown to user. If they login their profile gets restored though. If you notice friends/users missing this explains the behaviour :).

25 September 2020

  • Spoke with Mark Zuckerberg, and I'll be selling the site to him. Just joking :P
  • Announcement page
  • I improved (hopefully) the design of home page / how it works page.
  • Emails should now be sent automatically rather than me having to manually trigger the job.
  • Stats are now provided for 2 weeks and 2 days.
  • Secret xD