Privacy policy

I say "we" in this page, but as I'm the sole developer / administrator of this website - it's really just "me". But it doesn't sound as fancy or professional, hence I say "we".

Information and data we collect

  • Visited URLs - Each time you access a page we log your IP, URL, time, browser user agent string and status code of the response.
  • The answers to the questions
  • Requests you have sent out to other users, have accepted from other users or have rejected from other users.
  • Any media that has been uploaded

Why we collect this

We collect the answers to your questions, requests and any media uploaded as it is the only way we can use to carry out the intended function of matching up users (to my knowledge).

We collect the visited URLs for technical debugging purposes. For example, to determine if a particular URL is producing an error for users.

Deleting your data

When you request to delete your profile, we follow a deletion process to make sure that your data is removed from our servers or retained only in anonymised form.