Comic by XKCD

How it works

  • Step 1 (register)

    You start by registering and filling out all the questions (Register button above).
  • Step 2 (requests)

    You then get a list of compatible matches (other users like yourself who also have filled the form). You can then send friend requests to these users.
  • Step 3 (get connected!)

    Patience + luck! Once your requests are accepted by the user, a chat will be accessible or contact details will be shared with both of you. Compatible users can also send requests to you.

Example of a 'compatible match' is shown:

Click image to enlarge

More info:

  • Save your secret token (provided after registering)! This will also be emailed to you IF you provide an email.
  • Most people get around 20-80 matches. If you get less, make sure you have filled out the form correctly!
  • You can send upto 25 requests to people per 24h period. A simple rate limit.
  • Email notifications about requests/friends get sent out every 30 minutes, though not everyone added an email.
  • Matches are done instantly! But you still have to wait for the user to accept your friend requests.
  • There is additional 'level 2' open ended questions if you want to share more about yourself.
  • You should practise reasonable caution when communicating with anyone new online.